Petition to keep Bakewell NatWest Open

Join me in signing my petition to keep Bakewell NatWest Branch open. 

To say I’m disappointed to hear NatWest is planning on closing Bakewell NatWest branch in February is an understatement.

Not everyone uses online banking and I think this is a real mistake. We have an elderly and vulnerable population who rely on the in person counter service. Our local cash businesses and farmers also rely on the service. The nearest branch will be Chesterfield, we are told from the literature being distributed by NatWest.

I am not sure it will make a difference, but I will be making as much noise about this as possible and let’s hope NatWest listen.

Please sign this petition if you are against this closure. I will be presenting this petition directly to NatWest.

Petition for NatWest Bakewell

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Do you want NatWest to keep the Bakewell branch open?