Campaign Responses

Kept Animals Bill

Thank you for contacting me about the Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill. 

Caged Farm Animals

I would like to assure you that my ministerial colleagues and I take the welfare of all animals very seriously. Ministers are delivering a series of ambitious reforms, as outlined in the Action Plan for Animal Welfare.

Processing Asylum Claims in Rwanda

I share the Home Secretary's disappointment that the first flight to Rwanda was cancelled immediately prior to take off due to a last-minute legal ruling from the European Court of Human Rights, which subsequently triggered a series of legal challenges in London courts.

Pancreatic Cancer:

Every effort is being made to improve early diagnosis and to drive up survival rates for pancreatic cancer.

Northern Ireland Protocol

The Government will always work in the best interests of Northern Ireland. That means working towards a balanced arrangement in Northern Ireland which supports the Belfast Good Friday Agreement in all its dimensions.

Student Doctor Bursaries

My understanding is that first time students on standard five or six year undergraduate medical and dental courses are eligible to apply for support on the same terms as other full-time students for the first four years.

Dementia Medicines

An estimated 1 million people will be living with dementia by 2025, so research is crucial to understanding the condition and improving outcomes for those affected.

Pandemic Preparedness Treaty

The COVID-19 pandemic has been one of the greatest challenges to the established international order since the Second World War; a global threat that has required global solutions borne out of global cooperation.

Channel 4

I would like to reassure you of the Government's commitment to the success and sustainability of the UK’s public broadcasting system, of which Channel 4 is an integral part.

Support for Road Hauliers

I fully recognise that this is a challenging time for road hauliers. I am appreciative of the role that road hauliers have played in the national effort to combat Covid-19.

Cost of Living

I understand anxiety over rising prices and inflation. I want to assure you that the Government will continue to listen and to ensure that the policies in place do help those who need it most.

Cash Access

I have spoken with colleagues at the Treasury who assure me that in these difficult times they have by no means forgotten that cash remains extremely important, and in many cases a necessity, in the daily lives of millions of people around the country.